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 Call The Band

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PostSubject: Call The Band   Thu Jan 01, 2009 8:39 pm

Call was formed in 1994 by Xulfi, Omer Pervaiz, Khurram Jabbar Khan and Danish Jabbar Khan. They started out by providing background music for mime performances at NCA, Lahore under the name Undrap Nexus. Undrap Nexus' line-up was with Xulfi on the keyboard, Omer Pervaiz on the guitar and Danish Jabbar Khan on vocals. Soon, Xulfi and Danish Jabbar Khan, Khurram Jabbar Khan bought himself a drumkit and Call was officially formed. Call still needed a bassist and recruited Shahzad Hameed.

Shahzad Hameed stated:
“ Playing in the garage andjust jamming and doing strange sounds and sometimes real weird soundingthings was fun, we were experimental band -we were all naive... And wewere doing music truly as a unit we were passionate about whateverstrange sounds we were making... The live sound and show was our mainconcern plus, the live show of call was a theatrical / musicalexperience - Danish being the art student and the true rebel of theband brought in these influences... ”

Disbanding (2001)

On October 20, 2001, Danish Jabbar Khan, the band’s vocalist and lyricist, performed for the last time with the band at a rock festical on his birthday. Once the band’s primary lyricist and vocalist was gone, the members of the band got busy with other things. Khurram Jabbar Khan moved to the United States, Xulfi concentrated on his band Paradigm (which later became EP) while Ahsan and Faisal moved on to fulfill family obligations.

Revival (2002-2004)

In September 2002, Khurram Jabbar Khan, being a core member, returned from the United States to revive Call. Khurram and Xulfi got together and auditioned for new band members and decided that this would be an urdu project.[1] They found Junaid’s voice to befitting for the band’s musical direction and recruited him as the band’s vocalist. Soon Sunny was chosen to be on lead guitar, Usman Nasir on rhythms and Sultan Raja (Xulfi’s student) on bass. Khurram joined in on drums.

Khurram was replaced by Waqar of EP and Xulfi took Sunny and Usman’s place. A new single was released and was accompanied by a video directed by Xulfi. The song was titled Shayad and topped the charts.

Jilawatan (2005)

Now that the band’s line-up was stable, Call started recording their debut album, Jilawatan.The album was finally released in November 2005 and immediately toppedthe Vibes charts and stayed there for a lengthy amount of time. Thealbum release was accompanied by a single titled Sab Bhula Kai. A video was released with the single and was directed by Sohail Javed. The single topped the charts and fared extremely well.

A while later two more singles were released, both of which were accompanied by videos. The singles, titled Kuch Naheen and Bichar Kai Bhee, both topped the charts.

Music videos

* "Nishaan" (2003) from Jilawatan
* "Pukaar" (2003) from Jilawatan
* "Shayad" (2004) from Jilawatan
* "Sab Bhula Kai" (2005) from Jilawatan
* "Bichar Kai Bhee" (2006) from Jilawatan
* "Kuch Naheen" (2006) from Jilawatan
* "Kal Hamara Hai" (2006)
* "Hum Se Hai Yeh Zamaana" (2007)
* "Laree Chotee" (2007)
* "Aasmaan" (2007)

Their latest bollywood song from the movie aasma can be downloaded here.
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Call The Band
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